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PURPOSE Our previous clinical experience with vaccinia and replication-defective avipox recombinant carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) vaccines has demonstrated safety and clinical activity with a correlation between CEA-specific immune response and survival. Preclinical evidence demonstrated that the addition of the transgenes for three T-cell costimulatory(More)
The netrin guidance cue, UNC-6, and the netrin receptors, UNC-5 and UNC-40, guide SDQR cell and axon migrations in C. elegans. In wild-type larvae, SDQR migrations are away from ventral UNC-6-expressing cells, suggesting that UNC-6 repels SDQR. In unc-6 null larvae, SDQR migrations are towards the ventral midline, indicating a response to other guidance(More)
The Register of Full-Time Social Workers in Mental Health contains, at the time of writing, 217 names; of the workers so registered 96 hold the Certificate of the London School of Economics Mental Health Course, and the majority of the others have had training and experience as members of the staffs of Voluntary Associations for Mental Welfare.(More)
Who is fighting for the right to die? Past literature has been mixed as to the membership of this social movement. In the current study, 6,398 Hemlock Society members were surveyed in an effort to answer questions concerning who is participating in the right to die movement, whether these participants are rapidly approaching their own death or reacting to(More)
Dealing with a subject surrounded by much ignorance and more misapprehension, tne Commissioners Have produced an admirable Report reflecting the niodern and more enlightened views on mental disease, keeping a sane and balanced judgment between the claims of the individual and the rights of the community, inspired by real feeling for the sultering of the(More)
who have a special interest in the whole problem. Among the Associations represented are the Central Association for Mental Welfare, the Charity Organisation Society, the Institute of Hospital Almoners, the Magistrates' Association, and the National Council for Mental Hygiene. The immediate work of the Council will be educational. Interest in, and(More)
e14144 Background: Defects in mitochondrial function have been proposed to contribute to progression of cancer. This dysfunction may result from impairment in cellular respiration, forcing the cell to revert to glycolysis for energy. This switch causes cells to become cancerous. This study examined the frequency of random mitochondrial mutations and(More)