Eveline Wolf

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BACKGROUND In early 1993 leaders within the Hitchcock Clinic and cardiac services section at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (Lebanon, NH) formed the Cardiac Services Improvement Group (CSIG) as a pilot program for patient-centered quality improvement (QI) at the sectional level. CSIG PROGRAM For open heart surgery (OHS) and percutaneous transluminal(More)
Chronic simple glaucoma patients who performed physical activity had headache and nausea, symptoms that simulated a sudden rise in intraocular pressure. Twelve patients, who were diagnosed as suffering from simple open angle glaucoma, performed multiple bicycle ergometry. The intraocular pressure was measured during the ergometry and was compared to(More)
The effect of a diet enriched with fats on the muscle performance of a patient with McArdle's syndrome was studied. The tolerance to physical activity was studied during exercise (ergometric examination) and by sustained abduction to 90 degrees of the deltoid muscle, both after a three-day period on a normal diet and after a three-day period on a fat-rich(More)
A retrospective evaluation of vascular amputees, all over 55 years of age, found that 18 underwent bilateral lower limb amputation. The ages of patients ranged from 55 to 83 years, mean age at the time of second amputation was 65.9 years, 13 men and 5 women. Out of the 18 patients, 12 underwent bilateral below knee amputation (BK-BK), 3 below knee and above(More)
Eleven normal adults each performed a ten minute progressive isocapnic hyperventilation (PIHV) test in which ventilatory levels were increased every two minutes. All subjects exhibited mechanical fatigue by failing to maintain the target of 80% of maximum voluntary ventilation (MVV). The mean ventilation at this level was 67.5 +/- 1.4% MVV. This fatigue was(More)