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BACKGROUND Management of asymptomatic congenital pulmonary airway malformations remains controversial when addressing the optimal timing of surgical resection. Neonatal resection is advocated by some based on the theory that earlier lobectomy results in greater compensatory lung growth. We examined whether age at lobectomy is correlated with better(More)
BACKGROUND Despite randomized controlled trials and meta-analyses, it remains unclear whether laparoscopic pyloromyotomy (LP) carries a higher risk of incomplete pyloromyotomy and mucosal perforation compared with open pyloromyotomy (OP). METHODS Multicenter study of all pyloromyotomies (May 2007-December 2010) at nine high-volume institutions. The effect(More)
Paediatric surgical practice should be based upon solid scientific evidence. A study in 1998 (Baraldini et al., Pediatr Surg Int) indicated that only a quarter of paediatric operations were supported by the then gold standard of evidence based medicine (EBM) which was defined by randomized controlled trials (RCTs). The aim of the current study was to(More)
INTRODUCTION Induced birth of fetuses with gastroschisis from 34weeks gestational age (GA) has been proposed to reduce bowel damage. We aimed to determine the effect of birth timing on time to full enteral feeds (ENT), length of hospital stay (LOS), and sepsis. METHODS A retrospective analysis (2000-2014) of gastroschisis born at ≥34weeks GA was(More)
Background Appendectomy is considered the gold standard treatment for acute appendicitis. Recently the need for surgery has been challenged in both adults and children. In children there is growing clinician, patient and parental interest in non-operative treatment of acute appendicitis with antibiotics as opposed to surgery. To date no multicentre(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to assess the diffusion of laparoscopy usage in Canadian pediatric centers and the relationship between uptake of laparoscopic surgery and the level of evidence supporting its use. METHODS National data on four pediatric laparoscopic operations (appendectomy, pyloromyotomy, cholecystectomy, splenectomy)(More)
We are grateful to Mr. Yardley for discussing our paper and for opening up a debate on the level of evidence supporting operations in paediatric surgery. We agree with Mr. Yardley on the difficulty of conducting randomised control trial (RCTs) in our specialty and on the fact that poorly designed or executed randomised controlled trials are not increasing(More)
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