Eveline Jenny

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Using recently developed highly specific antisera to the full range of known adult mammalian skeletal muscle myosins, an immunohistochemical and histochemical examination was made of the middle ear muscle tensor tympani in the dog and cat. Approximately half the fibres were of the IIM type and there was a substantial population of apparently slow-tonic(More)
There is good evidence for the coexistence of different myosin types both in developing muscles and in Purkinje cells from adult chicken hearts. In skeletal muscle fibres of adult animals, however, coexistence of fast (FM) and slow (SM) myosin has only been demonstrated after long-term electrical stimulation. The term 'promiscuity' has recently been coined(More)
Suspensions or solutions with 1% of Chinese galls (Galla chinensis, GC) or 1% of tannic acid (TA), inhibited germination of conidia or mycelium growth of Fusarium graminearum (FG) by 98%-100% or by 75%-80%, respectively, whereas dried bark from buckthorn (Frangula alnus, FA) showed no effect at this concentration. In climate chamber experiments where the(More)
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