Eveline Bernier

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Cartographic generalization has been a research topic for more than thirty years. In spite of recent advances, a complete automation of this process still faces fundamental problems. Furthermore, recent needs such as web mapping and Spatial On-Line Analytical Processing (SOLAP) require geospatial data that are generated on-the-fly at any scale. This(More)
BACKGROUND Climate change has a significant impact on population health. Population vulnerabilities depend on several determinants of different types, including biological, psychological, environmental, social and economic ones. Surveillance of climate-related health vulnerabilities must take into account these different factors, their interdependence, as(More)
Creating database schemas that include complex geometries and that take into account map generalization as well as multiple geometric representations is quite a challenge. The created schemas are either too complex to become useful, too large to be usable, too detailed to be checked with the overall integrity in mind, or even too labor-intensive to even be(More)
With the growing popularity of mobile computing and the empowerment of mobile devices by high end-users and decision-makers, the development of architectures based on web services for the deployment of mobile Spatial OLAP (SOLAP) applications is being perceived as a powerful solution. This paper deals with geospatial (web) Services-Oriented Architectures(More)
Cartographie sur demande sur le web et bases de données multidimensionnelles De la personnalisation par couches cartographiques à la personnalisation par occurrences RÉSUMÉ. Depuis quelques années, plusieurs applications web permettent aux internautes d'accéder à de l'information géographique, soit comme complément à une requête descriptive, soit à des fins(More)
Map generalization is a complex task which requires sometimes human intervention. In order to support such a process on-the-fly, we propose a generalization approach based on Self-Generalizing Objects (SGOs) which encapsulate geometric patterns (forms common to several cartographic features), generalization algorithms, and spatial integrity constraints.(More)
Appartenance à d'autres groupes / Affiliation with other groups Membre associé, Groupe de recherche sur le système nerveux central (GRSNC) du FRQS Membre, Réseau de recherche en santé de la vision du Québec du FRQS Orientations de la recherche • Neurobiologie de la rétine et du nerf optique. Principaux projets en cours • Les mécanismes moléculaires de(More)
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