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Substantial yield losses of Styrian oil pumpkin caused by the fungus Didymella bryoniae and bacterial pathogens were recently reported. Here we applied bacterial endophytes with a broad antagonistic activity to pumpkin plants by seed priming. Effects of the bacterial inoculants with and without chemical seed treatments on plant growth and health were(More)
The Serratia plymuthica strains 3Rp8 and 3Re4-18 are motile, Gram-negative, non-sporulating bacteria. Strain 3Rp8 was isolated from the rhizosphere of Brassica napus L. and strain 3Re4-18 from the endorhiza of Solanum tuberosum L. Studies have shown in vitro activity against the soil-borne fungi Verticillium dahliae Kleb., Rhizoctonia solani Kühn, and(More)
Plant breeding activities shape the rhizosphere microbiome but less is known about the relationship of both with the seed microbiome. We analyzed the composition of bacterial communities of seeds and rhizospheres of Styrian oil pumpkin genotypes in comparison to bulk soil to elucidate specific microbial signatures to support a concept involving(More)
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