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In Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSPs) values belonging to variable domains should be completely known before the constraint propagation process starts. In many applications, however, the acquisition of domain values is a computational expensive process or some domain values could not be available at the beginning of the computation. For this purpose,(More)
We present DISPONTE, a semantics for probabilistic on-tologies that is based on the distribution semantics for probabilistic logic programs. In DISPONTE the axioms of a probabilistic ontology can be annotated with an epistemic or a statistical probability. The epistemic probability represents a degree of confidence in the axiom, while the statistical(More)
SCIFF is a framework thought to specify and verify interaction in open agent societies. The SCIFF language is equipped with a semantics based on abductive logic programming; SCIFF's operational component is a new abductive logic programming proof procedure, also named SCIFF, for reasoning with expectations in dynamic environments. In this article we present(More)