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This paper introduces an approach for optimizing the production in a manufacturing facility where the work pieces are carried by autonomous robots. For this purpose the process in the facility is modeled as a UML (Unified Modeling Language) activity diagram. Thereafter all of the system properties and parameters are added to the model via standard(More)
The state-of-the-art object-oriented modeling language UML does not offer any possibilities for model based analysis of functional or non-functional properties of a future solution. Reasons therefore are the semi-formality of its specification, the fact that it is not an executable language (yet) as well as the existence of informational gaps in the data,(More)
A significant part of preterm births (PTB) are due to a developing intrauterine infection (IUI). This infection is often of subclinical nature, and its diagnosis is mainly based on laboratory measurements. The objective of our study was to compare the diagnostic potential of classic (clinical picture, leukocyte count, CRP) and modern (IL-6) indices of an(More)
The eXtensible Visualization Components Markup Language (XVCML) was developed in order to ensure the sustainability of visualization solutions. Therefore, XVCML follows the Model-Driven Software Development (MDSD) approach: It enables technology independent modeling of visualization solutions whereas those models are compliant to a formal metamodel. XVCML(More)
Thursday, October 23 11:00 12:30 SN&S: Smart Network and Service Room: B303 Demystifying the Magic of Cache Thresholds in the Android Media Framework Jian Huang, Di Wu and Jian He (Sun Yat-Sen University, P.R. China) Energy-Efficient Dispatching Policy for Virus Scanning as a Service under N-Version Protection Weiwen Zhang and Yonggang Wen (Nanyang(More)
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