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Testosterone and estradiol act synergistically to stimulate male sexual behavior. Previous studies demonstrated that testosterone's actions are mediated genomically. Attempts to show that estradiol acts in a similar fashion have been inconclusive. However, estrogens have been shown to exert short-latency effects by acting directly on neuronal membranes. The(More)
This document or any other document produced within the SUSTELNET project does not represent the opinion of the European Commission. Neither the European Commission, nor any person acting on behalf of the Commission, is responsible for the use that might be made of the information arising from the SUSTELNET project. Abstract This report identifies the main(More)
The present study was designed to test the hypothesis that aromatization is involved in the maintenance by testosterone of the appetitive component of male sexual behavior. We measured appetitive sexual behavior by administering behavioral tests in bilevel chambers and quantifying anticipatory level changes during a 5-min period prior to introduction of a(More)
Graduate student names appear in bold. This list is not comprehensive and is not restricted to peer-reviewed contributions. Please send us your citations so we can update it on a regular basis Abd-El-Aziz AS, Agatemor C, Etkin N, Bissessur R (in press) Towards a new family of bifunctional organoiron dendrimer: facile synthesis, redox, and photophysical(More)
A soybean protein diet was used to induce vitamin E deficiency in rhesus monkeys. The deficient monkeys had reduced triglyceride concentrations in liver and skeletal muscle, but the cholesterol concentration in their skeletal muscle was increased. A constant amount of radioactively labeled (3)H-cholesterol-7alpha-(3)H was fed daily for 48-114 days to(More)
ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would first like to thank my parents, without whose encouragement this effort would not have been possible. They always taught me to give my best and to work hard because hard work always produces great results. I would like to thank my wife and children, without whose patience, tolerance, and support, I may not have been in the right(More)