Evelin Toumpakari

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The sandpile group of a connected graph is the group of recurrent configurations in the abelian sandpile model on this graph. We study the structure of this group for the case of regular trees. A description of this group is the following: Let T (d, h) be the d-regular tree of depth h and let V be the set of its vertices. Denote the adjacency matrix of T(More)
BACKGROUND Concern about the risk of leukaemia in children living near nuclear power plants (NPPs) persists. Previous British analyses have been area based and consequently thought to be less effective than case-control studies. METHODS Cases of childhood leukaemia and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (LNHL) born and diagnosed in Great Britain between 1962 and 2007,(More)
The Abelian Sandpile Model is a diffusion process on graphs, studied, under various names, in statistical physics, theoretical computer science, and algebraic graph theory. The model takes a rooted directed multigraph X ∗, the ambient space, in which the root is accessible from every vertex, and associates with it a commutative monoid M, a commutative(More)
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