Evelin Jaehne

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The aim of the work discussed in this paper was to characterize adsorbed self-assembled monolayers on different metal oxide substrates with angle-resolved XPS measurements. The substrates used were silicon wafers (100) coated with 300 nm Al, Ta, or Ti. They were coated with acids by immersing them in an ethanol solution. The orientation of long-chain(More)
The surface immobilization of oligo- and poly(ethylene glycol) on solids is a widely used approach to prevent the nonspecific adsorption of proteins, bacteria, and cells. A novel tri(ethylene glycol) derivative, phosphoric acid-mono(22-carboxy-12,15,18,21-tetraoxadocosyl) ester, was synthesized with the aim to produce self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on(More)
We introduce an in situ vacuum procedure for the optimal preparation and analysis of self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) as used in organic molecular electronics on ferroelectric lead zirconate titanate (PZT) substrates. Excellent ordering of oligothiophene semiconductor layers is heavily promoted through the presence of an interfacial bi-functional SAM layer(More)
The influence of the molecular structure on the stabilization of charged states was studied in detail by in situ ESR UV-vis NIR spectroelectrochemistry at a novel α,ω-dicyano substituted β,β'-dibutylquaterthiophene (DCNDBQT) and the electrochemically generated cation and anion radicals have been proved for the first time. The voltammetry of DCNDBQT results(More)
We report on an easy-to-use, successful, and reproducible route to synthesize functionalized graphite oxide (GO) and its conversion to graphene-like materials through chemical or thermal reduction of GO. Graphite oxide containing hydroxyl, epoxy, carbonyl, and carboxyl groups loses mainly hydroxyl and epoxy groups during reduction, whereas carboxyl species(More)
The electrochemical oxidation of the chemically prepared polymer poly[2-(3-thienyl)ethyl acetate] (PTEtAc), its partially hydrolyzed derivative PTEtAcOH and the fully hydrolyzed compound poly[2-(3-thienyl)ethanol] (PTEtOH) was studied by in situ electron spin resonance (ESR)/UV-Vis-NIR spectroelectrochemistry. The spectroelectrochemical response of these(More)
We present a novel method for the fabrication of one-dimensional (1-D) self-assembled monolayers and multilayers (SAMs) of (12-pyrrol-1-yl-dodecyl)-phosphonic acid (Py-DPA) on various polar surfaces using polyelectrolyte nanostructures as positive templates. Particularly, we demonstrate that (i) patterns of aligned 1-D polycation structures on a(More)
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