Evegny V Belousov

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Current models of recombination between viral RNAs are based on replicative template-switch mechanisms. The existence of nonreplicative RNA recombination in poliovirus is demonstrated in the present study by the rescue of viable viruses after cotransfections with different pairs of genomic RNA fragments with suppressed translatable and replicating(More)
Biologically important joining of RNA pieces in cells, as exemplified by splicing and some classes of RNA editing, is posttranscriptional, whereas in RNA viruses it is generally believed to occur during viral RNA polymerase-dependent RNA synthesis. Here, we demonstrate the assembly of precise genome of an RNA virus (poliovirus) from its cotransfected(More)
This article reviews the process analysis made in the electric drive with a field regulated reluctance machine. The calculation of the critical torque to the frequency of the reference signal for the assessment of adjustment possibilities at high speeds is performed. The urgency of the task of the mathematical models synthesis for the electrotechnical(More)
This paper presents optimization of function control action for the electric drive with field regulated reluctance machine (FRRM). The optimization problem formulates a spatial magnetomotive force of the stator for different variants of power supplies of windings with account for limitation as a written equation of connection. The scheme of power supply(More)
The paper considers evaluation of limits in a system with cycloconverters. The electric drive of the cold reducing tube mill is used as an example. The paper analyzes main factors influence on speed of the torque control loop. The influence of dead time and firing angle of the thyristors on the nonsinusoidality ratio and limitation of the analog-to-digital(More)
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