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Intrusion attempts due to self-propagating code are becoming an increasingly urgent problem, in part due to the homogeneous makeup of the internet. Recent advances in anomaly-based intrusion detection systems (IDSs) have made use of the quickly spreading nature of these attacks to identify them with high sensitivity and at low false positive (FP) rates.(More)
We present a method for detecting large-scale worm attacks using only end-host detectors. These detectors propagate and aggregate alerts to cooperating partners to detect large-scale distributed attacks in progress. The properties of the host-based detectors may in fact be relatively poor in isolation but when taken collectively result in a high-quality(More)
MMCC, the multimedia conference control program, is a window−based tool for connection management. It serves as an application interface to a wide−area network packet teleconferencing system, in which it is used not only to orchestrate multisite conferences, but also to provide local and remote audio and video control, and to interact with other(More)
Traditionally, user traffic profiling is performed by analyzing traffic traces collected on behalf of the user at aggregation points located in the middle of the network. However, the modern enterprise network has a highly mobile population that frequently moves in and out of its physical perimeter. Thus an in-the-network monitor is unlikely to capture full(More)
The authors suggest that smart energy management will be an important application area for pervasive computing, as the pressing societal need for a solution is clear and there is a close fit with technologies and approaches being developed under the pervasive rubric. They present five full papers, including a comprehensive survey spanning four decades of(More)
We describe a method to detect botnet command and control traffic and individual end-hosts. We introduce the notion of " destination traffic atoms " which aggregate the destinations and services that are communicated with. We then compute the " persistence " , which is a measure of temporal regularity and that we propose in this paper, for individual(More)
—Motivated by the " clean-slate " opportunity of the evolving Smart Grid, we propose an Information Centric Networking (ICN) approach for the home communications fabric and create an ICN-based secure publish-subscribe system to support home energy management. We design a secure group communication protocol with efficient key management specifically embedded(More)