Eve Higby

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This study examined the effects of executive control and working memory on older adults' sentence-final word recognition. The question we addressed was the importance of executive functions to this process and how it is modulated by the predictability of the speech material. To this end, we tested 173 neurologically intact adult native English speakers aged(More)
The adaptation of native language construal patterns in second language acquisition" (2014). CUNY Academic Works. First language attrition occurs when a bilingual's native language shows evidence of language change due to the predominant use of a second language. Recent research in rst language attrition has shown that lexical retrieval and word choice are(More)
The relation between bilingualism and cognition is informative about the connection between language and mind. From the perspective of language, the question is how bilingualism might help or hinder cognition – narrowly interpreted here as executive function. From the perspective of higher cognition, the question is what kinds of experiences improve(More)
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