Eve C Ostriker

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We review current understanding of star formation, outlining an overall theoretical framework and the observations that motivate it. A conception of star formation has emerged in which turbulence plays a dual role, both creating overdensities to initiate gravitational contraction or collapse, and countering the effects of gravity in these overdense regions.(More)
  • Kevin Schoeffler, Kevin Michael Schoeffler, James F Drake, Michael M Swisdak, Co-Advisor Professor, William D Dorland +2 others
  • 2012
In the heliosheath there are sectors of magnetic fields separated by current sheets thinner than the ion inertial length and thus subject to the tearing instability. This instability allows the development of magnetic islands that grow due to magnetic reconnection. Using PIC (particle-in-cell) simulations, we show that these islands are relevant because(More)
Plasma-neutral interactions are considered for a centrifugally confined plasma, such as the Maryland Centrifugal eXperiment (MCX), wherein a crossfield plasma rotation inhibits plasma escape along the magnetic field. Interactions along the magnetic field are considered first. Analytic and numerical solutions from a simple one-dimensional isothermal model(More)
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