Evdoxios Baratis

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We introduce TOQL, a query language for querying time information in ontologies. TOQL is a high level query language that handles ontologies almost like relational databases. Queries are issued as SQL-like statements involving time (i.e., time points or intervals) or high-level ontology concepts that vary in time. Although independent from TOQL, this work(More)
We present PROTON, a reasoner for managing temporal information over OWL ontologies. We adopt the so called 4d-fluent or 4-dimensionalist approach for representing temporal information in ontologies ie. for time points or intervals and for events that occur in time points or intervals. Also, we propose an extension to the situation calculus in order to(More)
Image-based abstraction (or summarization) of a Web site is the process of extracting the most characteristic (or important) images from it. The criteria for measuring the importance of images in Web sites are based on their frequency of occurrence, characteristics of their content and Web link information. As a case study, this work focuses on logo and(More)
TOQL, is a query language for querying time information in ontologies. An application has been developed that supports translation and execution of TOQL queries on temporal ontologies. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been also developed to facilitate user interaction and supports operations such as syntax highlighting, code autosuggestion, loading of(More)
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