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This paper proposes a methodology for the robust classification of neurophysiological data into four emotional states collected during passive viewing of emotional evocative pictures selected from the International Affective Picture System. The proposed classification model is formed according to the current neuroscience trends, since it adopts the(More)
Recent neuroscience findings demonstrate the fundamental role of emotion in the maintenance of physical and mental health. In the present study, a novel architecture is proposed for the robust discrimination of emotional physiological signals evoked upon viewing pictures selected from the International Affective Picture System (IAPS). Biosignals are(More)
This piece of research describes an innovative e-health service that supports the cognitive and physical training of senior citizens and promotes their active ageing. The approach is adopted by the Long Lasting Memories (LLM) project, elements of which are discussed herein in the light of the functionalities provided to the users and the therapists. The aim(More)
Our research work is towards a service that can support senior citizens towards their independent living and active ageing. As it is suggested, physical and cognitive exercise training can contribute to a significant prolongation of personal autonomy and participation in society across prevailing age-related impairments such as cognitive decline. In the(More)
Autism is a communication disorder that mandates early and continuous educational interventions on various levels like the everyday social, communication and reasoning skills. Computer-aided education has recently been considered as a likely intervention method for such cases, and therefore different systems have been proposed and developed worldwide. In(More)
In the current work, we present our position towards the modeling of a decision support system for health assessment and prevention of risky situations in the life of seniors. A two-layer architecture based on the Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs) methodology is considered as the main tool to encode medical knowledge and reason about the health status of seniors.(More)
Autism is a mental disability that requires early intervention by educating autistic children on the everyday social, communication and reasoning skills. Computer-aided learning has recently been considered as the most successful educational method and various CAL systems have been developed. In this paper we examine the existing CAL systems and platforms(More)