Evdokia Sotirova

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The artificial neural networks (ANN) are a tool that can be used for object recognition and identification. However, there are certain limits when we may use ANN, and the number of the neurons is one of the major parameters during the implementation of the ANN. On the other hand, the bigger number of neurons slows down the learning process. In our paper, we(More)
This paper describes the process of encrypting message in a sound using artificial neural network. In order to accomplish the task, the process is divided into several steps where each of the steps is described with Generalized net. The main goal is to send an encrypted in a sound message between two persons and if a wrong person receives it he will not be(More)
In the current paper is presented an application of the InterCriteria Decision Making (ICDM) approach to data connected with integrated public transport system of the city of Burgas. The aim is to analyze the data on passenger flow for each month and then to analyze the correlations between pairs of bus lines with the InterCriteria Analysis Method. As a(More)
In a series of research papers, the authors have studied some of the most important models of contemporary universities, such as: the research university, the entrepreneurial university and the digital university and construct their generalized net (GN) models. This paper is based on the case-studies of Sofia University, the Technical University of Munich(More)
The approach of InterCriteria Analysis (ICA) was applied for the aim of reducing the set of variables on the input of a neural network, taking into account the fact that their large number increases the number of neurons in the network, thus making them unusable for hardware implementation. Here, for the first time, with the help of the ICA method,(More)