Evangelos S. Angelou

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This paper presents the results of the Generalized Radial Basis Function Neural Networks applications for the prediction of propagation path loss in urban and suburban environment. We have studied two types of neural network based models; the first one is used for path loss prediction while the second one is a hybrid prediction model based on error control.(More)
One central problem in the network planning and optimisation of W-CDMA GEO Satellite networks is the efficient use of the limited satellite resources such as power, capacity and bandwidth, task that is under the responsibility of Radio Resource Management. Services offered by a W-CDMA satellite network can be classified as conversational, streaming,(More)
Indoor radio communication systems gain increasing interest of cellular network operators. A prerequisite to the design of these systems is the knowledge of indoor radio propagation characteristics. This knowledge should include information, concerning the in-building structure that strongly affects the signal transmission. The results presented in this(More)
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