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Keywords: Metabolism models Optimisation Urban water cycle Water demand management a b s t r a c t The continuous expansion of urban areas is associated with increased water demand, both for domestic and non-domestic uses. To cover this additional demand, centralised infrastructure, such as water supply and distribution networks tend to become more and more(More)
Papers published in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions are under open-access review for the journal Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Abstract The HYDROGEIOS modelling framework represents the main processes of the hydrological cycle in heavily disturbed catchments, with decision-depended abstractions and interactions between surface and(More)
Water scarcity, either due to increased urbanisation or climatic variability, has motivated societies to reduce pressure on water resources mainly by reducing water demand. However, this practice alone is not sufficient to guarantee the quality of life that high quality water services underpin, especially within a context of increased urbanisation. As such,(More)
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