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The interactions of quinolone ciprofloxacin (cfH) and oxovanadium(IV) were studied by various methods. Green crystals of a complex [V(IV)O(cf)(2)(H(2)O)] were isolated and the molecular connectivities established, although the crystal structure was not perfectly refined due to the instability of the crystals. Based on a plausible interpretation of the data(More)
The synthesis and structural characterization of a nonanuclear FeIII cage complex is reported. The nine iron centers in [Fe9(mu3-O)4(O3PPh)3(O2CCMe3)13] lie on the vertices of an incomplete icosahedron, with the P atoms of triphenylphosphonate at the other three vertices. The paramagnetic core therefore describes a tridiminished icosahedron. Magnetic(More)
We report the synthesis, structures, and magnetic properties of twelve iron(III) phosphonate cages: [Fe(4)(mu(3)-O)Cl(PhCO(2))(3)(PhPO(3))(3)(py)(5)] 1, [Fe(4)(mu(3)-O)((t)BuCO(2))(4)(C(10)H(17)PO(3))(3)(py)(4)] 2 (C(10)H(17)PO(3)H(2) = camphylphosphonic acid), [Fe(7)(mu(3)-O)(2)(PhPO(3))(4)(MeCO(2))(9)(py)(6)] 3,(More)
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