Evangelos G. Karakasis

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A novel descriptor able to improve the classification capabilities of a typical pattern recognition system is proposed in this paper. The introduced descriptor is derived by incorporating two efficient region descriptors, namely image moments and Local Binary Patterns (LBP), commonly used in pattern recognition applications, in the last decades. The main(More)
A novel methodology is proposed in this paper to accelerate the computation of discrete orthogonal image moments. The computation scheme is mainly based on a new image representation method, the ISR (Image Slice Representation) method, according to which an image can be expressed as the outcome of an appropriate combination of several nonoverlapped(More)
Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) constitutes a powerful tool in signal processing, since its first introduction (Ahmed et al., 1974). It belongs to a class of mathematical operations that includes the well-known Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), having as basic operation taking a signal and transforming it from one type of representation to another. More(More)
A novel algorithm for the computation of Legendre moments, which ensures high accuracy and low computation time, is presented in this paper. The presented method exploits the compression capabilities, the image block representation exhibits. By describing the images with a set of homogenous blocks, keeping only the upper left and down right pixel(More)
Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs) have been widely used for a plethora of applications, exploiting its ability to represent the knowledge and the dynamics of a system. The diversity of inference mechanisms, which have been proposed until nowadays, discloses the effort for an effective concept value calculation methodology. In contrast with the most research(More)