Evangelos Boukas

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—Vision-based robotic applications exhibit increased computational complexity. This problem becomes even more important regarding mission critical application domains. The SPARTAN project focuses in the tight and optimal implementation of computer vision algorithms targeting to rover navigation for space applications. For evaluation purposes, these(More)
Mars exploration is expected to remain a focus of the scientific community in the years to come. A Mars rover should be highly autonomous because communication between the rover and the terrestrial operation center is difficult, and because the vehicle should spend as much of its traverse time as possible moving. Autonomous behavior of the rover implies(More)
Targeting enhanced navigational speed and autonomy for the space exploration rovers, researchers are gradually turning to recon-figurable computing and FPGAs. High-density space-grade FPGAs will enable the acceleration of high-complexity computer vision algorithms for improving the localization and mapping functions of the future Mars rovers. In the(More)
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