Evangelia Triantafyllou

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The value of prophylactic donor lymphocyte infusion (pDLI) is unclear and differs among diseases and transplantation protocols. Experience with this approach in patients with acute leukemia undergoing hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT) with an alemtuzumab-incorporating conditioning protocol is lacking. We conducted a single-center prospective study to(More)
A meth~ fi~r the hmalization, characterizadcm and ctnnputatitm of the stationary ptfints of a cxmtinutatsly differentiable real-valued fimction tff n variables is presented. It is based on the annbinatoriai topohgy concept of the degree of a mapping associated with an oriented polyhednm. The method consists of two principal steps: (i) Iocalizati, m (and(More)
In this paper the development of an intelligent image content-based search engine for the World Wide Web is presented. This system will offer a new form of media representation and access of content available in WWW. Information Web Crawlers continuously traverse the Internet and collect images that are subsequently indexed based on integrated feature(More)
UNLABELLED Tumor-induced osteomalacia (TIO) is a rare paraneoplastic syndrome caused primarily by benign mesenchymal tumors. These tumors typically follow a benign clinical course and local recurrence occurs in <5% of cases. We investigated a 49-year-old man with a recurrent mesenchymal phosphaturic tumor showing no signs of malignancy. The patient suffered(More)
This paper explores the opportunities and challenges of integrating technology to support mathematics teaching and learning in creative engineering disciplines. We base our discussion on data from our research in the Media Technology department of Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark. Our analysis proposes that unlike in other engineering disciplines,(More)
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A new method for the computation of the global minimum of a continuously differentiable real–valued function f of n variables is presented. This method, which is composed of two parts, is based on the combinatorial topology concept of the degree of a mapping associated with an oriented polyhedron. In the first part, interval arithmetic is implemented for a(More)
This project explores the opportunities and challenges of integrating digital technologies in mathematics education in creative engineering studies. Students in such studies lack motivation and do not perceive the mathematics the same way as mathematics students do. Digital technologies offer new possibilities for mathematics representation, for interacting(More)
This article presents experiences and student perceptions on the introduction of the flipped classroom model in two consecutive semesters at Media Technology department of Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark. We introduced the flipped instruction model to a statistics course and a mathematics workshop. We collected data by two online survey studies,(More)
Peer review has proved to be beneficial in project-based environments by involving students in the process and encouraging them to take ownership of their learning. This article reviews how peer assessment has been employed within group work for different engineering programs. Since the administrative burden is one of the common reported challenges of peer(More)