Evangelia Lagona

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Acute acalculous cholecystitis (AAC) in association with acute Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infection has rarely been described in childhood. In the literature, there are only four reported pediatric cases of AAC associated with isolated primary EBV infection. We present two cases (one new, one retrospectively reviewed) of children with Gilbert's syndrome (GS)(More)
We report a case of Yersinia enterocolitica sepsis syndrome and the acute respiratory distress syndrome in a chronically transfused adolescent with beta-thalassemia. This manifestation of serious Y. enterocolitica infection has not previously been reported. Dyspnea, hypoxia, and fever were the principal features of the clinical presentation. The acute onset(More)
The clinical, haematological, biosynthetic and molecular data of three Greek haemoglobin H (HbH) disease patients with a distinctive clinical phenotype are described. During infancy all three patients had unusually severe clinical manifestations for HbH disease, with anaemia necessitating blood transfusions, signs of bone changes, growth impairment, and(More)
To evaluate discrepancies between parent and child reports on youth’s emotional and behavioral problems in a representative, community based sample of Greek 18-year-olds, and to identify associated factors. A total of 2,927 completed pairs of parent-child questionnaires were studied, including the child behavior checklist (CBCL) and the youth self-report(More)
BACKGROUND The studies of series of children with Kawasaki disease (KD) in Greek children are limited. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the epidemiology, clinical manifestations, laboratory findings, course and outcome of complete KD in Greek children. METHODS Patients with complete KD who were discharged from our hospital and followed up routinely between 2004(More)
The authors studied the long-term clinical and hematological response to hydroxyurea (HU) therapy in young patients, with either S/beta-thalassemia (beta(thal)) (8 patients) or SS (6 patients). All patients with S/beta(thal) responded well to treatment. Longitudinal evaluation of Hb, HbF, and MCV showed a significant increase compared to baseline levels,(More)
In a case of Mycoplasma pneumoniae encephalopathy in a 7-year-old girl, the microorganism was identified by serologic and pharyngeal-swab polymerase chain reaction methods. Failure to detect or isolate the pathogen in the cerebrospinal fluid and the significant rapid clinical recovery of the patient after intravenous immunoglobulin administration suggest an(More)
Focal dermal hypoplasia (FDH) or Goltz syndrome is a rare clinical syndrome presenting with cutaneous, skeletal, dental, ocular, central nervous system and soft-tissue defects. We report on a male infant with characteristic skin defects of the face, trunk and extremities, polysyndactyly and unusual ocular and brain findings. He had sclerocornea of the right(More)