Evangelia Korakaki

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There is increasing interest in understanding the costs and benefits of increased size and prolonged lifespan for plants. Some species of trees can grow more than 100 m in height and can live for several millennia, however whether these achievements are obtained at the cost of some other physiological functions is currently unclear. As increases in size are(More)
Vegetative propagation techniques such as grafting can be used, in conjunction with field studies, to decouple the relative effects of age and size on tree metabolism and growth. Despite interest in this approach, little attention has been paid to the best metrics for assessing the growth performance of grafted plants over time. Based on an analysis of the(More)
This study investigates post-fire natural regeneration of Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis) forests at Ilia region (Peloponnesus, Greece) following the catastrophic fire of 2007. The objective of this study is the prediction of P. halepensis post-fire regeneration at a regional scale through an integrated geographic information systems (GIS) model as a basis(More)
Even though rare, mega-fires raging during very dry and windy conditions, record catastrophic impacts on infrastructure, the environment and human life, as well as extremely high suppression and rehabilitation costs. Apart from the direct consequences, mega-fires induce long-term effects in the geomorphological and hydrological processes, influencing(More)
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