Evandro R Alves

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Dietary fiber can affect cadmium (Cd) absorption and toxicity, but the effect appears to depend on the type of dietary fiber. The aim of the present study was to compare the effect of dietary sources containing distinct amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber on Cd absorption, accumulation and toxicity in growing rats. The absorption of essential(More)
The generation of dc magnetic fields in unmagnetized electron-ion shear flows is shown to be associated to either initial thermal effects or the onset of electron-scale shear instabilities, in particular the cold Kelvin-Helmholtz instability. This mechanism, intrinsic to shear gradients on the electron scale, is described through a kinetic model that(More)
Twisted Laguerre-Gaussian lasers, with orbital angular momentum and characterized by doughnut-shaped intensity profiles, provide a transformative set of tools and research directions in a growing range of fields and applications, from super-resolution microcopy and ultra-fast optical communications to quantum computing and astrophysics. The impact of(More)
Strategies to diminish cadmium (Cd) absorption are highly desirable especially where Cd exposure due to environmental contamination is still inevitable. Cd toxicity may be influenced by dietary components, such as fiber and minerals. Multimixtures are low-cost cereal bran supplements used in Brazil and in other countries to counteract malnutrition in(More)
We identify and explore a high orbital angular momentum (OAM) harmonics generation and amplification mechanism that manipulates the OAM independently of any other laser property, by preserving the initial laser wavelength, through stimulated Raman backscattering in a plasma. The high OAM harmonics spectra can extend at least up to the limiting value imposed(More)
Transmission fluctuations have been studied in a microwave billiard in dependence to the number of attached wave guides on its entrance and exit. To investigate the influence of breaking time-reversal symmetry, ferrite cylinders were introduced into the billiard. The obtained transmission intensity distributions are compared with predictions from the random(More)
Electron-scale surface waves are shown to be unstable in the transverse plane of a sheared flow in an initially unmagnetized collisionless plasma, not captured by (magneto)hydrodynamics. It is found that these unstable modes have a higher growth rate than the closely related electron-scale Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in relativistic shears.(More)
We study the conductance statistical features of ballistic electrons flowing through a chaotic quantum dot. We show how the temperature affects the universal conductance fluctuations by analyzing the influence of dephasing and thermal smearing. This leads us to two main findings. First, we show that the energy correlations in the transmission, which were(More)
Multi-pumping flow systems exploit pulsed flows delivered by solenoid pumps. Their improved performance rely on the enhanced radial mass transport inherent to the pulsed flow, which is a consequence of the establishment of vortices thus a tendency towards turbulent mixing. This paper presents several evidences of turbulent mixing in relation to pulsed(More)
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