Evan de Kock

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Retinoblastoma is one of several human tumors to which predisposition can be inherited. Molecular genetic analysis of several nonheritable cases has led to the hypothesis that this tumor develops after the occurrence of specific mitotic events involving human chromosome 13. These events reveal initial predisposing recessive mutations. Evidence is presented(More)
At iThemba Labs, we are constructing a patient positioning system for proton therapy. This system will use stereo vision techniques to accurately position the patient relative to the beam line. To do this, we need to be sure that the vision system is functioning correctly. In addition to various procedural checks, we implement a variety of software tests to(More)
Putpose : To &scribe macroscopic results. survival, causes of enucleadons and survival in enucleated patients. complications and functicmal nsulu. Melhod : Radio active applications of ruthenium 106 made in France, have teen used from 1983 to 1990 and then East-German applications since 1991 till 1993. 'fhe catculutions of the doses allow delivering a(More)
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