Evan W Jamieson

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We evaluated transcranial magnetic stimulation producing motor evoked potentials (TMS MEP) as a method to detect spinal cord ischemia during surgery for thoracoabdominal aneurysms. Four groups of swine were subjected to different types of surgically-induced ischemia. TMS MEP and neurological function were assessed at baseline, immediately after the ischemic(More)
The Bayer process utilises high concentrations of caustic and elevated temperature to liberate alumina from bauxite, for the production of aluminium and other chemicals. Within Australia, this process results in 40 million tonnes of mineral residues (Red mud) each year. Over the same period, the energy production sector will produce 14 million tonnes of(More)
In a canine model of reversible global ischemia, the residual quantity of 123I was assessed following a bolus injection of 15-p-(123I)-iodophenyl pentadecanoic acid (123I-IPPA). This technique was used to assess changes in free fatty acid metabolism following the utilization of three cardioplegic formulations. Cardioplegic arrest was initiated with Tyers'(More)
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