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The nation-state and the natural environment over the twentieth century
National activities to protect the natural environment are on the rise. Conventional explanations of the phenomenon emphasize domestic processes, set in motion by environmental degradation andExpand
The Structuring of a World Environmental Regime, 1870–1990
In recent decades a great expansion has occurred in world environmental organization, both governmental and nongovernmental, along with an explosion of worldwide discourse and communication aboutExpand
The Structural Contexts of Civic Engagement: Voluntary Association Membership in Comparative Perspective
Editorial changes have been underlined AMERICAN SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW or otherwise noted on this proof. The Structural Contexts of Civic Engagement: Voluntary Association Membership in ComparativeExpand
The Effects of World Society on Environmental Protection Outcomes
The world environmental regime has encouraged nations to adopt new environmental policies and laws worldwide. But, scholars question the impact on the environment, suggesting that national policiesExpand
World Society, NGOs and Environmental Policy Reform in Asia
We examine the role of domestic nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in environmental policy reform in Asia. Standard accounts treat NGOs as critical players in the policy process, responding toExpand
Environmentalism as a Global Institution: Reply to Buttel
Les AA. s'efforcent de repondre aux critiques adressees par Frederick H. Buttel a l'encontre de leur article : «The Nation-State and the Natural Environment over the Twentieth Century» publie enExpand
National and Global Origins of Environmental Association
We examine the origins of voluntary associations devoted to environmental protection, focusing on the divergent trajectories of industrialized versus developing countries. We consider a wide range ofExpand
Environmentalism as a global institution.
This article discusses the rise of global environmentalism and institutionalization and its impact on nation-states. The global environmental regime began in the late 19th century stimulated by aExpand
Political space and the space of polities: Doing politics across nations☆
Abstract What makes political life in the United States so different from political life in France, Hungary or Argentina? This paper considers why societies “do politics” differently. We draw onExpand