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Results are reported from a study on the presence and concentration of nitrites and nitroso-compounds in the gastric juice of 53 patients operated on for duodenal ulcer and in 15 controls. The investigations were made after various postoperative intervals. In the patients who had undergone Billroth II operation, the concentrations of nitrites and of(More)
Personal experience acquired in a series of 130 papillo-sphincterotomies carried out over a five-year period for the treatment of lithiasis of the VBP and benign stenosis of the papilla is reported. An account is given of the literature data showing that his method, which is comparable with biliodigestive anastomosis techniques, is safe and reliable.(More)
A recently observed case of T.B. of the breast is presented and the relevant literature is examined. View are expressed concerning the aetiopathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of this unusual form, particular attention being given to the difficulty of distinguishing it from carcinoma. Stress is laid on the importance of surgical management, this being(More)