Evan R. Glaser

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Invited Paper Metal–organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) and molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) are the principal techniques for the growth and n-type (Si) and p-type (Mg) doping of III-nitride thin films on sapphire and silicon carbide substrates as well as previously grown GaN films. Lateral and pendeoepitaxy via MOVPE reduce significantly the dislocation(More)
Melanization due to the inactivation of the homogentisate-1,2-dioxygenase gene (hmgA) has been demonstrated to increase stress resistance, persistence, and virulence in some bacterial species but such pigmented mutants have not been observed in pathogenic members of the Vibrio Harveyi clade. In this study, we used Vibrio campbellii ATCC BAA-1116 as model(More)
The growth of monoclinic Ga 2 O 3 nanowires, nano-ribbons and nano-sheets has been investigated. Results indicate that high quality single crystal nanowires can be grown at 900°C using an Au catalyst, while single crystal nano-ribbons and nano-sheets require no metal catalyst for growth. Since bulk Ga 2 O 3 is a promising material for high temperature gas(More)
The remarkable electronic properties of graphene strongly depend on the thickness and geometry of graphene stacks. This wide range of electronic tunability is of fundamental interest and has many applications in newly proposed devices. Using the mid-infrared, magneto-optical Kerr effect, we detect and identify over 18 interband cyclotron resonances (CR)(More)
Passavant's ridge was studied in 43 patients via multiview videofluoroscopy incorporating the simultaneous recording of speech. Ratings of the videotapes were made at full speed, in slowmotion, and by stop-framing. The following results were found: (1) Just as there are variable patterns of velopharyngeal closure, there were also variations in the way in(More)
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