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The solithromycin journey-It is all in the chemistry.
The macrolide class of antibiotics, including the early generation macrolides erythromycin, clarithromycin and azithromycin, have been used broadly for treatment of respiratory tract infections. AnExpand
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The antibiotic resistance crisis, with a focus on the United States
Beginning with the discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming in the late 1920s, antibiotics have revolutionized the field of medicine. They have saved millions of lives each year, alleviated painExpand
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Antibiotics in late clinical development
&NA; Most pharmaceutical companies have stopped or have severely limited investments to discover and develop new antibiotics to treat the increasing prevalence of infections caused by multi‐drugExpand
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Nature nurtures the design of new semi-synthetic macrolide antibiotics
Erythromycin and its analogs are used to treat respiratory tract and other infections. The broad use of these antibiotics during the last 5 decades has led to resistance that can range from 20% toExpand
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Production of valuable compounds by molds and yeasts
We are pleased to dedicate this paper to Dr Julian E Davies. Julian is a giant among microbial biochemists. He began his professional career as an organic chemistry PhD student at NottinghamExpand
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Platensimycin and platencin: promising antibiotics for future application in human medicine
Platensimycin and platencin are novel antibiotics produced by Streptomyces platensis. They are potent and non-toxic natural products active against Gram-positive pathogens, includingExpand
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Development of a chemically defined medium for the production of the antibiotic platensimycin by Streptomyces platensis
The actinomycete Streptomyces platensis produces two compounds that display antibacterial activity: platensimycin and platencin. These compounds were discovered by the Merck Research Laboratories,Expand
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An Overview of the Industrial Aspects of Antibiotic Discovery
Abstract Microorganisms have provided an essential role in the production of natural products, such as antibiotics. Antibiotics are often produced as secondary metabolites, compounds not required forExpand
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Useful Anti-Cancer Agents of Natural Product Origin
For over 40 years, natural products have served us well in combating cancer. The main sources of these successful compounds are microbes and plants from the terrestrial and marine environments. TheExpand