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It is proposed that the data base management function be placed on a dedicated back-end computer which accepts commands (in a relatively high level language such as the CODASYL Data Base Task Group, April 1971 Report) from a host computer, accesses the data base on secondary storage, and returns results. The advantages of such a configuration are discussed.(More)
To increase the usability of portable computers, it is important t o r e-duce the system energy consumption while maintaining high performance. It is commonly believed that the addition of a second-level cache memory increases total system energy requirements, but this is not true. An analytical model that estimates the energy consumed by a memory hierarchy(More)
1. ABSTRACT The goal of this project is to automatically connect the residents of Hancock County, Illinois during the years 1850 to 1930 into pedigrees using Federal Census records. This paper describes the steps we have taken to achieve this goal and our results thus far. 2. BACKGROUND We have made great progress in using computers in genealogical research(More)
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