Evan J. Smith

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Both multiple sequence alignment and phylogenetic analysis are problematic in the "twilight zone" of sequence similarity (≤ 25% amino acid identity). Herein we explore the accuracy of phylogenetic inference at extreme sequence divergence using a variety of simulated data sets. We evaluate four leading multiple sequence alignment (MSA) methods (MAFFT,(More)
The rotation rate of a planet is one of its fundamental properties. Saturn's rotation, however, is difficult to determine because there is no solid surface from which to time it, and the alternative 'clock'--the magnetic field--is nearly symmetrically aligned with the rotation axis. Radio emissions, thought to provide a proxy measure of the rotation of the(More)
The Jovian flyby of the Ulysses spacecraft presented the opportunity to confirm and complement the findings of the four previous missions that investigated the structure and dynamics of the Jovian magnetosphere and magnetic field, as well as to explore for the first time the high-latitude dusk side of the magnetosphere and its boundary regions. In addition(More)
The Pioneer 11 vector helium magnetometer provided precise, contititious measurements of the magnetic fields in interplanetary space, inside Jupiter's magnetosphere, and in the near vicinity of Jupiter. As with the Pioneer 10 data, evidence was seen of the dynanmic interaction of Jupiter with the solar wind which leads to a variety of phenomena (bow shock,(More)
Spinal cord injury (SCI) impaired sensory fiber transmission leads to chronic, debilitating neuropathic pain. Sensory afferents are responsive to neurotrophic factors, molecules that are known to promote survival and maintenance of neurons, and regulate sensory neuron transduction of peripheral stimuli. A subset of primary afferent fibers responds only to(More)
The inability to resolve deep node relationships of highly divergent/rapidly evolving protein families is a major factor that stymies evolutionary studies. In this manuscript, we propose a Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA) independent method to infer evolutionary relationships. We previously demonstrated that phylogenetic profiles built using position(More)
Long-term changes in stream water chemistry in the upper Duddon catchment (southwest Lake District, UK) were investigated. Ten streams were sampled and analysed weekly during 1998, and the results compared with data for the early 1970s and 1986. The waters exhibited a range of pH, average values for 1998 being 5.04-7.04. For all the streams, the average pH(More)
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