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Cartesian routing is a novel packet routing methodology in which a packet's route is determined by the position of the router relative to that of the destination. Cartesian routing di€ers from existing provider-based unicast routing in that routing tables are unnecessary since communications are topologically dependent, thereby potentially reducing router(More)
— Existing evolutionary methods capable of true Many-Objective optimisation have been limited in their application: for example either initial search directions need to be specified a-priori, or the use of hypervolume limits the search in practice to less than 10 objective dimensions. This paper describes two extensions to the Multiple Single Objective(More)
Algorithms capable of performing efficient and controllable many objective optimisation are becoming more necessary as the complexity of optimisation problems to be solved increases. This paper describes a new algorithm that combines elements of traditional gradient based optimisation methods along with a powerful many-objective capable search process. The(More)
Multi-objective evolutionary algorithms are widely established and well developed for problems with two or three objectives. However, it is known that for many-objective optimisation, where there are typically more than three objectives, the algorithms applying Pareto optimality as a ranking metric may loose their effectiveness [1]. This paper compares(More)
A multi-objective evolutionary algorithm is used to determine the membership function distribution within the outer loop control system of a non-linear missile autopilot using lateral acceleration control. This produces a design that meets objectives related to closed loop performance such as: steady state error, overshoot, settling and rising time. The(More)
The organization and transcriptional control of chromosomal cat genes (required for dissimilation of catechol by the beta-ketoadipate pathway) in the Pseudomonas putida biotype strain (ATCC 12633) are reported. Nucleotide sequence reveals that catR is separated by 135 bp from the divergently transcribed catBC,A; catC begins 21 nucleotides downstream from(More)