Evan J. Griffiths

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This paper falls within an overall program articulated in Downey, Hirschfeldt, Nies and Terwijn [8], and Downey and Hirschfeldt [4], of trying to calibrate the algorithmic randomness of reals. There are three basic approaches to algorithmic randomness. They are to characterize randomness in terms of algorithmic predictability (“a random real should have(More)
A case is discussed of the use of medical images from the internet to support claims of injury. There were several inconsistencies in both history and examination even prior to the presentation of the specimen radiograph from the internet. Clinicians are advised to be vigilant, to question histories that do not match with examination findings, to ensure(More)
The debate whether to use cemented or uncemented components in primary total hip replacement (THR) has not yet been considered with reference to the cost implications to the National Health Service. We obtained the number of cemented and uncemented components implanted in 2009 from the National Joint Registry for England and Wales. The cost of each(More)
We study the precise conditions under which all optimisation strategies for a given family of finite functions yield the same expected maximisation performance, when averaged over a uniform distribution of the functions. In the case of bounded-length searches in a family of Boolean functions, we provide tight connections between such “No Free Lunch”(More)
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