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Analyzing cause and effect in environmental assessments: using weighted evidence from the literature
Abstract.  Sound decision making in environmental research and management requires an understanding of causal relationships between stressors and ecological responses. However, demonstratingExpand
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Ecological effects of extreme climatic events on riverine ecosystems: insights from Australia
Climate extremes and their physical impacts - including droughts, fires, floods, heat waves, storm surges and tropical cyclones - are important structuring forces in riverine ecosystems. ClimateExpand
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Evaluating AUSRIVAS Predictive Model Performance for Detecting Simulated Eutrophication Effects on Invertebrate Assemblages
Abstract: Confidence in any bioassessment method is related to its ability to detect ecological improvement or impairment. We evaluated Australian River Assessment (AUSRIVAS)-style predictive modelsExpand
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Development of Aerodynamic Modeling and Calibration Methods for General Aviation Aircraft Performance Analysis - a Survey and Comparison of Models
Aircraft flight safety has been a main issue in General Aviation (GA) area. It is important to generate an accurate aerodynamic model of GA aircraft in order to understand the aircraft performance inExpand
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Historical Land-Use Influences the Long-Term Stream Turbidity Response to a Wildfire
Wildfires commonly result in an increase in stream turbidity. However, the influence of pre-fire land-use practices on post-fire stream turbidity is not well understood. The Lower Cotter CatchmentExpand
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Predicting water quality responses to a changing climate: building an integrated modelling framework
The future management of freshwater resources for human and environmental needs requires an integrated set of tools for predicting the relationship between climate change, water quality andExpand
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A conceptual framework for ecological responses to groundwater regime alteration (FERGRA)
Globally, the provision of groundwater‐supported ecosystem services is threatened by climate change, water extraction, and other activities that alter groundwater regimes (defined as temporalExpand
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Can an indicator of river health be related to assessments from a catchment-scale sediment model?
The accumulation of sand and fine gravel (<5 mm diameter) on riverbeds can adversely affect benthic macroinvertebrates, which are good indicators of the ecological health of rivers. The possibilityExpand
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A Framework for General Aviation Aircraft Performance Model Calibration and Validation
This work presents a systematic two-level approach to aircraft performance model calibration that poses the calibration as an optimization problem using the information available. Expand
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General Aviation Approach and Landing Analysis using Flight Data Records
Ensuring a safe and stabilized approach and landing is one of the important objectives in General Aviation applications. Expand
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