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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE THE ELECTRO SENSOR COMPLEX (ESC) IS SOFTWARE THAT COMBINES THREE DEVICES USING BIOELECTRICAL IMPEDANCE, GALVANIC SKIN RESPONSE, AND SPECTROPHOTOMETRY: (1) ES-BC (Electro Sensor-Body Composition; LD Technology, Miami, FL) to assess body composition, (2) EIS-GS (Electro Interstitial Scan-Galvanic Skin; LD Technology) to predict(More)
Purpose: Chronic migraines and headaches are significant public health problems, and their symptomatologies have been positively linked to diet. We explored if individuals suffering from chronic migraines/ headaches who required medication treatment had improvement in symptomatology and subjective ratings of QoL when following an immune-reactive food(More)
The concurrent application of TMS and MRI is challenging due to the MR-image artifacts, which are produced by using the two techniques in combination. One such artifact arises from the introduction of radio frequency noise through the lead of the TMS-coil into the scanner. Here we describe four methods used in the literature to integrate TMS into the MR(More)
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