Evan Fuller

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Mammalian DNA polymerase delta (Pol delta) is believed to replicate a large portion of the genome and to synthesize DNA in DNA repair and genetic recombination pathways. The effects of mutation in the polymerase domain of this essential enzyme are unknown. Here, we generated mice harboring an L604G or L604K substitution in highly conserved motif A in the(More)
Although proof comprehension is fundamental in advanced undergraduate mathematics courses, there has been limited research on what it means to understand a mathematical proof at this level and how such understanding can be assessed. In this paper, we address these issues by presenting a multi-dimensional model for assessing proof comprehension in(More)
In [18], Mendes and Remmel showed how Gessel's generating function for the distributions of the number of descents, the major index, and the number of inversions of permutations in the symmetric group could be derived by applying a ring homomorphism defined on the ring of symmetric functions to a simple symmetric function identity. We show how similar(More)
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