Evan D. Graham

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Pointing movements with the hand were used to control directly a cursor to point to targets on a graphical display with different gain settings. A detailed analysis of both the tumor and hand movements showed how features of the movements scale over a wide range of distances and target widths. Cursor movements showed gain effects, while hand movements were(More)
1 Abstract The Virtual Hand Lab (VHL) is an an augmented reality envimn-ment for conducting experiments in human perception and motor performance that involve grasping, manipulation, and other 3D tasks that people perform with their hands. The hardware and software testbed supports both physical and virtual objects, and object behaviors that cm be specified(More)
FNDC4 is a secreted factor sharing high homology with the exercise-associated myokine irisin (FNDC5). Here we report that Fndc4 is robustly upregulated in several mouse models of inflammation as well as in human inflammatory conditions. Specifically, FNDC4 levels are increased locally at inflamed sites of the intestine of inflammatory bowel disease(More)
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