Evan B. Goldstein

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Velocity tuning curves were measured for on-center cells in the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus of the cat using a stimulus approximately the height and one-fourth the width of the hand-plotted receptive-field center. The standard stimulus strength was 1 log unit above the mesopic background luminance. Lateral geniculate Y-cells had significantly higher(More)
PURPOSE Recently, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has developed and enforced a complex set of regulations limiting resident duty hours (RDHs). One potential method to comply with these stringent regulations and better document resident work hours would be to use text message (TM)/short message service (SMS), allowing rapid,(More)
Podcasting is a recent creation combining old and new technologies allowing rapid, inexpensive delivery of media content (primarily audio) to the end user, both via the desktop environment and personal media players. The authors' group (the Society of Critical Care Medicine) saw the educational and communication potential for the podcasting concept, and(More)
Malignancies of the appendix are uncommon; a small subset of these lesions are actually metastatic cancers. In some rare cases, these lesions can cause obstruction, appendicitis, and perforation. M.K. is a 54-year-old man who presented to our institution with a 1-day history of right lower quadrant pain and a past medical history significant only for a(More)
L-Tyrosine O-sulfate was hydrolyzed by pure human arylsulfatase A (arylsufate sulfohydrolase, EC The rate of hydrolysis was 1/20 of the rate with nitrocatechol sulfate, but was comparable to the rate with cerebroside sulfate. The reaction was optimal at pH 5.3--5.5 and displayed zero order kinetics with time and enzyme concentration. The Km was(More)