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Psoriasis is a common dermatologic disorder with psychiatric comorbidity that often goes undetected and untreated. Psoriasis has higher associations with psychiatric illness than do other dermatologic conditions. We conducted a comprehensive qualitative review of all published medical literature on psoriasis and psychiatric comorbidities since 2005. We(More)
The authors compared loxapine with chlorpromazine in inpatients with paranoid schizophrenia and found no difference in clinical efficacy. Thus a previous finding, based on retrospective analyses, that loxapine was superior to other neuroleptics in the treatment of paranoid schizophrenia was not verified in this prospective study.
The nail carries a significant cosmetic impact and plays an integral role in the multi-billion dollar salon industry. This review focuses on nail disorders that are induced by nail cosmetics via procedures, equipment, or materials that are intended to beautify or adorn the nail. The authors give specific attention to clinical presentations that are common,(More)
Lichen planus pigmentosus (LPP) is an uncommon variant of lichen planus that tends to occur in middle-aged individuals with darker pigmented skin. Clinical findings include hyperpigmented, brown to gray-brown macules and patches in sun-exposed areas, typically on the head and neck. Histopathologic features include epidermal atrophy, vacuolar degeneration of(More)
Onychotillomania is an uncommon and likely underreported condition in which patients repetitively manipulate the different constituents of the nail unit. Onychotillomania is characterized by a range of nonspecific findings, including bizarre morphology of the nail plate and damage to the nail bed and periungual skin. Histopathological changes are also(More)
Though still accounting for a small fraction of all cosmetic procedures in the United States, men are an emerging and rapidly expanding demographic in the field of aesthetic medicine. In this article we highlight the trends contributing to the rise of male aesthetic procedures in dermatology, touching on social influences, psychological motivations, and(More)
Palmoplantar lichen planus (PPLP) is an uncommon variant of lichen planus that affects the palms and soles. Clinical findings are varied although they have been conceptualized into two large groupings, an erythematous scaly pattern and a hyperkeratotic pattern. Histopathologic features are those of classic LP. We present a case of PPLP that improved with(More)
Silicone in liquid and gel implantation may induce granuloma formation and migration. Although there are many complications associated with solid silicone implantation, there have been no published reports of distant granuloma formation. We present a case of a woman with clinical and serologic findings that are consistent with systemic lupus erythematosus(More)
The cosmeceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar, consumer-driven market. Products promise highly desirable anti-aging benefits, but are not subject to regulation. We present an introduction to cosmeceuticals for the general and cosmetic dermatologist, including definitions and explanations of key terms, an approach to the evidence base, a dissection of(More)