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HPVs (Human Papilloma Viruses) are small DNA "epitheliotropic" viruses, implicated in cervical carcinogenesis, particularly the "high-oncogenic-risk" types HPV-16 and HPV-18. Data concerning oral carcinogenesis are however, contradictory. We examined the presence of HPV and subsequently HPV-16 and HPV-18 in 102 specimens of paraffin-embedded oral tissue(More)
Oral cancer provides a unique model system for the study of the multistep nature of cancer. The influence of viruses and tumor suppressor gene inactivation are of major importance in this HPVs are small oncogenic viruses which are implicated in epithelial carcinogenesis, and p53 is a tumor suppressor gene with a central role in the prevention of genomic(More)
Service-orientated architecture is a very popular approach for building large scale, modular and distributed systems as well as achieving integration in heterogeneous environments. Its acceptance in the world of business is growing over time, mainly in technologically advanced countries, but there are still research gaps regarding SOA adoption and diffusion(More)
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