Eva Zebedin-Brandl

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Considerable variety in how patients respond to treatments, driven by differences in their geno- and/ or phenotypes, calls for a more tailored approach. This is already happening, and will accelerate with developments in personalized medicine. However, its promise has not always translated into improvements in patient care due to the complexities involved.(More)
Dominik Tomek (tdmia@slovanet.sk) Durhane Wong-Reiger (durhane@sympatico.ca) Vera Vlahovic-Palcevski (vvlahovic@inet.hr) Luka Voncina (luka.voncina@miz.hr) Magda Wladysiuk (m.wladysiuk@hta.pl) Menno Woerkom (m.woerkom@medicijngebruik.nl) Corrine Zara (czara@catsalut.cat)
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