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UNLABELLED We investigated the relationship between hepatitis B virus surface antigen (HBsAg) serum level decline and posttreatment response in patients with hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg)-negative chronic hepatitis B from a large multinational study of pegylated interferon alfa-2a (peginterferon alfa-2a), with or without lamivudine, versus lamivudine alone.(More)
Hodgkin's disease (HD) is the most common non-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)-defining malignancy in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients. We analysed the outcome of patients with HIV-associated HD (HIV-HD) with respect to the use and efficacy of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) and other prognostic factors. To evaluate(More)
BACKGROUND Broad use of tenofovir and an ageing HIV- infected population have created an interest in renal function in HIV patients. Serum cystatin C is a newer marker of renal function and might be more sensitive than creatinine. METHODS Patients were enrolled consecutively in an observational study. HIV-seropositive patients naive to antiretroviral(More)
Mofegiline or MDL 72,974A ((E)-4-fluoro-beta-fluoromethylene benzene butanamine hydrochloride) is a selective enzyme-activated irreversible inhibitor of monoamine oxidase B, which is under development for use in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. Male beagle dogs were given single p.o. (20 mg/kg) and i.v. (5 mg/kg) doses of [14C]-Mofegiline. Total(More)
The aims of this study were to estimate the expenditure for HIV-care in Germany and to identify variables associated with resource use. We performed an 18-month prospective multi-center study in an HIV specialized ambulatory care setting from 2006 to 2009. Patients were eligible for study participation if they (1) were HIV-positive, (2) were ≥18 years of(More)
BACKGROUND In early 1993 leaders within the Hitchcock Clinic and cardiac services section at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (Lebanon, NH) formed the Cardiac Services Improvement Group (CSIG) as a pilot program for patient-centered quality improvement (QI) at the sectional level. CSIG PROGRAM For open heart surgery (OHS) and percutaneous transluminal(More)
BACKGROUND AIDS-related lymphoma (ARL) remains a frequent complication of HIV infection. We analyzed the outcome of patients with ARL with respect to the use and efficacy of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) and to potential prognostic factors. METHODS This multicenter cohort study included patients with systemic ARL diagnosed between(More)
The objective was to evaluate the feasibility and efficacy of a short-term, multi-agent and dose intensive regimen in AIDS patients with Burkitt or Burkitt-like lymphoma (BL/BLL) and to compare its efficacy with that of a conventional regimen. This was a retrospective, multi-center cohort study of all HIV-1-infected patients diagnosed with BL/BLL between(More)
BACKGROUND Genotypic drug resistance testing provides essential information for guiding treatment in HIV-infected patients. It may either be used for identifying patients with transmitted drug resistance or to clarify reasons for treatment failure and to check for remaining treatment options. While different approaches for the interpretation of HIV sequence(More)