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This is a survey paper on the Vehicle License Plate Detection and Recognition System. This system works in five phases. The first phase is the input given to the system which is an image of the vehicle with clearly visible license plate. The second phase is the localization of the license plate from the image. The third phase is the segmentation of the(More)
In this paper we introduce our method that is able to analyze and recognize Elliott waves in time series. Our method uses an artificial neural network that is adapted by backpropagation. Neural network uses Elliot wave’s patterns in order to extract them and recognize. Artificial neural networks are suitable for pattern recognition in time series mainly(More)
Fuzzy Predicate Logic with evaluated syntax together with resolution principle is presented. The paper focuses mainly on modelling and treating redudancy in knowledge bases. It presents original resolution rule together with algorithm DCF Detection of Consequent Formulas developed especially for fuzzy logic with evaluated syntax. REASONING IN FUZZY(More)
The paper deals with ECG prediction based on neural networks classification of different types of time courses of ECG signals. The main objective is to recognise normal cycles and arrhythmias and perform further diagnosis. We proposed two detection systems that have been created with usage of neural networks. The experimental part makes it possible to load(More)
The paper presents an important example of using artificial neural networks in computer vision. Vehicle Number Plate Recognition is a special form of optical character recognition (OCR). Vehicle number plate recognition is a type of technology, mainly software, which enables computer systems to read automatically the registration number of vehicles from(More)