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FTIR spectroscopic and conductivity study of the thermal degradation of polyaniline films
The thermal degradation of polyaniline films polymerized in situ on silicon windows, and protonated with hydrochloric, sulfuric, or phosphoric acid, has been studied by FTIR spectroscopy. TheExpand
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Solid-State Protonation and Electrical Conductivity of Polyaniline
Polyaniline base was protonated by blending with camphorsulfonic and picric acids in the solid state. The electrical conductivity of the equimolar mixture was more than 107 times higher compared withExpand
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Aniline-phenylenediamine copolymers
The electrical conductivity of materials based on polyaniline can be controlled on submolecular level by the copolymerization of aniline with various phenylenediamines. The joint chemical oxidationExpand
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Application of percolation concepts to electrical conductivity of polyaniline–inorganic salt composites
The dependence of the resistivity of protonated polyaniline–inorganic salt composites with the volume fraction of electrically conducting component was analyzed on the basis of percolation theory. AExpand
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Enhanced stability of polyaniline/inorganic salt composites during temperature cycling
Abstract The electrical conductivity of polyaniline sulfate was recorded during cycles between room temperature and 85, 105, 125 and 145°C. After each temperature cycle the conductivity decreased.Expand
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Temperature‐ and humidity‐related degradation of conducting polyaniline films
The time dependence of dc conductivity of conducting polyaniline films was measured in relation to temperature and relative humidity of the environment. Optical and structural properties of theExpand
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