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BACKGROUND In alcohol withdrawal, fixed doses of benzodiazepine are generally recommended as a first-line pharmacologic approach. This study determines the benefits of an individualized treatment regimen on the quantity of benzodiazepine administered and the duration of its use during alcohol withdrawal treatment. METHODS We conducted a prospective,(More)
Objectives. To measure the subjective sleep quality of prisoners complaining of insomnia and to compare it to the subjective sleep quality of prisoners who report "good sleep", in order to determine factors that predict insomnia and severity of insomnia. Participants and methods. PSQI and GHQ scores and patient history were obtained for 86 randomly chosen(More)
An example of the Minnesota Model adapted to a Swiss private clinic (Clinic La Métairie) is presented with the aim of showing its place in the network facilities for the treatment of addiction. The prospective study based on the Addiction Severity Index questionnaire allows to describe the characteristics of hundred patients treated during the years(More)
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