Eva Salomon

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A systems analysis approach was used to assess farmscale nutrient and trace element sustainability by combining full-scale field experiments with specific studies of nutrient release from mineral weathering and trace-element cycling. At the Ojebyn dairy farm in northern Sweden, a farm-scale case study including phosphorus (P), potassium (K), and zinc (Zn)(More)
Two crop rotations dominated by spring cereals and grass/clover leys on a clay soil were studied over 2 years with respect to nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) leaching associated with pig or dairy slurry application in April, June and October. Leaching losses of total N (TN), total P (TP), nitrate-N and dissolved reactive P (DRP) were determined in(More)
Visual evoked potentials (VEPs) were recorded in a group of 20 operators aged 25-45 years during two sessions, before and after a 5-hour work at computer terminals, in order to assess visual system fatigue. The outcomes were referred to the norms established for the age-matched population of 30 subjects not exposed to professional contact with computers.(More)
The study of simple reaction to light and sound, and differential reaction was carried out on the group of VDT operators (n = 62) and the group of persons not involved in VDT operation (n = 38). Concentration ability was tested with Couve's test twice a day, i.e. before and after work. In the analysis of the results, reaction time and the accuracy of(More)
While testing neurotic patients it was noted that almost all of their complaints concerned physical weakness, easy tiredness, chest pain, heart beating and palpitation. In order to evaluate objectively their physical efficiency, the patients were subjected to exercise test on a treadmill, their ECG, HR and blood pressure being monitored. The exercise test(More)
This paper is part of a wider comparative study of the heart rate, blood pressure, external and core temperature in operators of self-propelled mining machines with and without air-conditioning cabins. Two groups, each of ten operators, characterised by the similar age and duration of employment, stayed for 20 min a specially prepared resting chamber with(More)
Working with beef cattle in an open area or while on pasture has been shown to expose workers to a high risk of work-related injury. Prior research on this problem has been conducted using mail surveys, interviews, self-reporting of work practices and injury experiences, and summaries of published injury data, including media reports. Prior research on(More)
A goal of the present work was to analyze the correlation between a course of visual potentials elicited with the pattern stimulation and gender of the examined subjects. VEPs (Visual Evoked Potentials) recordings were performed using STELLA system in a group of 65 healthy adult subjects, with the age ranging from 18 to 70 years, consisting of the(More)